Affect on you and your area

The scenarios of projected climate change differ from area to area. However, you might be able to get local, regional or national climate scenarios from national organisations, such as your national meteorological or hydrological institutes. 

The IPCC provides a general description of the anticipated effects on Europe, along with other regions, in their report: Contribution of Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Summary for Policymakers.

Also within the Baltic Sea Region future climate scenarios are available both on the transnational/supraregional scale as well as regional/local scale.

Although it is not possible to say what the impacts of such scenarios on a specific area might be and when they might happen without detailed studies, impact studies already done can provide you with an idea of potential changes your area might experience. However, the impacts that your area might experience from climate change, depends on a number of issues, including, how you are affected by changes in your environment (sensitivity) and what kind of capacity you have to adapt to those changes (adaptive capacity).