BalticClimate Conference held

The BalticClimate Conference, held in Riga, Latvia, November 8th – 9th 2011, gathered more than 150 participants from the entire Baltic Sea region, representing an array of disciplines from four principle key sectors BalticClimate project is focused on – Transport, Energy, Housing/Planning and Agriculture.


The Conference programme included a keynote speech on climate change in the Baltic Sea Region as well as a focus on climate change from a business perspective.


The experiences from the BalticClimate Target Areas in key sectors were presented in two blocks of parallel sessions, the conclusions of which were summarised generally on the second day of the Conference, as well as focused on during a panel discussion.

One of the Conference highlights was a Multimedia Dome with climate visualisations which had been brought to Riga by BalticClimate project partners from Sweden - Centre for Climate Policy and Research, University of Linköping.


Other events included the presentation of the BalticClimate film and testing of the BalticClimate Toolkit.


For more information, presentation downloads and glimpse on the BalticClimate conference gallery see the BalticClimate Conference section.



The BalticClimate project team would like to thank all the speakers, delegates and participants for helping making the conference such a success!