Implementation case to develop the availability of the locally produced food in Central Finland

By definition, locally produced food is food production and consumption that uses the local raw materials and production, thus developing the economy and the employment of the area. Jyväskylä regional development company, JYKES, completed their implementation case on potential and gaps in locally produced food in the region.  BalticClimate project coordinator Maija Suutarinen stresses the possibilities in developing the logistics in distribution of locally produced food. She also highlights the climate impacts of the locally produced food. Locally produced food has also smaller carbon footprint than food travelling long distances.

Local food has typically low production volumes per producer and the producers are working quite far from each others. The number of the producers in the area is high, and the demand of locally produced food is increasing.  At the moment the processing intensity of the product is not very high in the farms. The farmers are mainly interested in selling their raw product directly from the farm.  However, he farmers identified marketing and networking between different producers as their main tasks in developing the business. Locally produced food can increase the entrepreneurship on farms. 
Big customers, such as municipals and retail trade are looking for cooperation between the producers. This would enable the ordering of the various products from one source. Big customers are expecting not only the centralization but also the secure in supply.  One solution could be the development of internet based ordering. This kind of activity already exists in Central Finland for private buyers – but the potential for this is in big consumers such as the municipals. Also, combining the transport of goods and development of the logistics solutions would open up the market to wider group of customers. Creating networks between the producers would increase the availability of the locally produced food and thus increase the profitability of the small producers. 
”The advertisement of the local and clean food in the media should be stressed more”
Comment from one producer