Seminar on bioenergy in Latvia

State Ltd. „Vides projekti“ invites everybody interested in bionergy production and supply, and especially the private forest owners to participate in an informative seminar “Use of biomass resources for bioenergy production” on April 21st, in Straupe culture House, Pārgauja County.

The seminar is co-organized within the Intelligent Energy Europe programme project „AFO – Activating private forest owners to increase forest fuel supply“ and Baltic Sea Region programme 2007-2013 project “BalticClimate – Baltic Challenges and Chances for local and regional development generated by Climate Change”. The aim of the seminar is to promote the cooperation between organizations and persons involved in bioenergy production and private forest owners for wood fuel supply increase. The seminar will give insight to forestry biomass use potentials in the region.  

More information can be found under: Seminar on bioenergy in Latvia