The 6th BalticClimate Newsletter

The 6th issue of the BalticClimate Project newsletter offers a closer look at the main output of the BalticClimate project - the ICT Toolkit. The main objective of this compilation of research results, newly developed methodology, exercises and experiences presented in a stepwise approach is to support administrations and companies in their development and competitiveness.


To find out more about the BalticClimate Toolkit, its target audiences, and the development process we offer the in­terview with Sebastian Ebert from the Lead Partner, Academy for Spatial Research and Planning, Germany, and Piret Kuldna from the Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre, Esto­nia, leading the related project work package during 2011.


The BalticClimate newsletter is meant for local and regional authorities, their advisors, businesses in small and medium sized cities and rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region as well as for other projects related to climate change, national institutions providing climate change information, journalists, students of related subjects and anyone interested in the subject.