Third BalticClimate Steering Team Meeting in Riga

The third BalticClimate Project Steering Team meeting was held on May 31st – June 2nd, in Riga and gathered together more than 40 participants form the partner organizations.

The meeting was opened by a welcome speech of Mrs. Ilze Neimane, Head of Cross-border cooperation Department of the host organization, State Ltd. “Vides Projekti”.
During the 1st day of the meeting Julie Wilk, Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, Linköping University, presented the results from the Vulnerability Assessment Phase were discussed and the feedback from the Target Areas analyzed, which was followed by launching of the activities of the next phase of the project – Capitalization of the Climate Change with introduction to the Challenges and Chances for the business. The experiences already made in Target Areas were discussed and the criteria of sustainable development in planning and regional development were presented by Hannu Koponen, representing the leaders of the Work Package 4 – Regional Council of Central Finland.
The second day of the meeting was held in the Latvian Target Area of BalticClimate project – Municipalities of Pārgauja and Līgatne. During the first part of the day a meeting with Pārgauja Municipality representatives was organized and territorial planning system was introduced to the guests of the Municipality. After a bus excursion through the area participants of the meeting had an opportunity to visit a local waste disposal site with biogas production in Daibe.
After lunch the meeting was continued in Līgatne which was reached by crossing river Gauja by a historical ferry. The afternoon topics were discussion of Implementation Cases, sustainable development criteria and BalticClimate Toolkit development.
The last day of the meeting was held in Riga and after the discussion of progress reports, midterm evaluation and communication indicators, the first BalticClimate video broadcast was demonstrated.

The next gathering of the BalticClimate Team is scheduled for the next Transnational Seminar, which will be held in November 22-24, 2010, in Soderhamn, Sweden.

Agenda of the meeting (Read)