Supporting material for Impacts and Vulnerability Assessment

"Guideline and Report: Final Supporting Material for Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerability Assessment"

supports especially planners, policy makers and business people on local and regional level in the Baltic Sea Region.

It contains a set of material for a stepwise application of climate change impacts and vulnerability assessments:

  • Guidelines on inventory analyses
  • Vulnerability assessment framework
  • Nine practical exercises representing introductory issues, exposure and sensitivity, and response action
  • Set of climate change scenarios
    (local, regional, Baltic Sea Region level)
  • Review of climate change impacts on the Baltic Sea Region

The complete supporting material (336 pages) is available for download, divided into four files:

1. Main part, Inventory Analyses (Appendix A), Vulnerability Assessment Framework (Appendix B) (1,9 MB)
2. Climate Change Scenarios: Estonian, Finnish, German, Latvian Target Areas (Appendices C-F; 8,6 MB)
3. Climate Change Scenarios: Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish Target Areas and Baltic Sea Region (Appendices G-J; 7,2 MB)
4. Climate Change Impacts in the Baltic Sea Region (Appendix K; 7,4 MB)