Work Package Leaders



Management tasks are actively shared among the consortium, thus each Work Package is led by a different Project Partner in a different BSR country, specifically qualified in respective to the Work Package tasks:

WP 1 Management and Administration Contact: Dennis Ehm
The Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL)/ DE is highly experienced as Lead Partner in several INTERREG projects (incl. BSR) and in coordinating large networks and multidisciplinary working groups.



WP 2 Communication and Information Contact: Maira Jēgere
Vides Projekti/ LV is experienced in implementing national and international projects, promoting and disseminating especially environmental issues and runs a broadcast studio with a weekly magazine on Latvian national TV.



WP 3 Climate Change Material and Analyses Contact: Mattias Hjerpe
Basic scientific background and support comes from Centre of Climate Science and Policy Research (CSPR)/ SE, with vast international experience on climate change and participatory processes. CSPR will support all local and regional partners with input, approaches and advise under the mutual feedback principle.



WP 4 Integrated Solutions and Capitalisation of Climate Change Contact: Hannu Koponen
The Regional Council of Central Finland (RCCF) represents municipal interests on a regional level and will lead WP 4 in which most local and regional activities take place.



WP 5 Climate Change BSR local and regional applying ICT Toolkit Contact: Piret Kuldna
The Stockholm Environmental Institute Tallinn Centre (SEIT)/EE with a wide portfolio of international experiences, staff and SEI research network has specific knowledge in sustainability, experience in developing training materials and tools for local authorities and private actors. SEIT will coordinate processes to make project outputs transferable and usable in every day work on BSR local and regional level.

 Further project partners have strong capacities to take over common as well as specific tasks, e.g.:

  • Development Company of Jyväskylä Region Jykes Ltd/ FI is specialist in regional business development offering expertise for WP 4 implementation in logistics operations and traffic systems, and supporting "Capitalise Climate Change – C3" element in WP 4.
  • The Western Pomeranian Business School (WPBS)/ PL will support climate change related solutions for the business sector and economic departments especially by elaborating, testing and optimising educational and training elements.