Involved Partners and Associated Organisations

All 25 Project Partners from 8 BSR countries (DE, EE, FI, LT, LV, PL, RU, SE) were well selected, are actively involved in the project implementation and have specific capacities in the subjects covered by the project.

BalticClimate focuses on supporting local and regional authorities / actors in dealing with the issue of climate change. On the concrete practical level, local and/or regional authorities in small and mediums sized cities and rural areas are actively involved as Project Partners and supplemented by further Associated Organisations.


  • jointly prepare outputs and will - in their territories (“Target Areas”) - apply, test and improve elaborated “tools” to maximise transferability,
  • optimise integration of climate change information in local and regional development processes,
  • will conduct comparable “implementation cases”,
  • continue using project outputs after project end.