Capitalization Phase

Timeframe - May 2010 – October 2010

Climate change means changes in the environment in which the entrepreneurs and companies act. Each individual and entrepreneur will have to face the impacts due to the climate change. These impacts are often supposed to lead to problems, but many of them can also create new opportunities for business. The BalticClimate project helps to identify the challenges and chances for business in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
One of the key results stimulated by the BalticClimate project are new, innovative ideas for business. These business ideas and good practices should include climate change mitigation and/or adaptation aspects. The focus of BalticClimate is on the local and regional scale, but of course the big global climate trends, not only the changes in the local weather, will have impacts to the area.
Regional/Local entrepreneurs are the best experts to apply the effects of the climate change to business. However, they lack information concerning the impacts of the climate change. The extra information BalticClimate will give to the business is the understanding of the climate change in regional scale. The Swedish SMHI in cooperation with the CSPR calculated scenarios of the future climate for all Target Areas. This information will be explained and discussed together with the regional/local entrepreneurs within the Capitalization Phase of the BalticClimate project  to face the future challenges and generate chances for the business in the area.