Target Area Assessments

In order to systematically identify and analyse the challenges and chances posed by climate change in the BalticClimate Target Areas (TAs) a lot of information and studies are needed. To facilitate and to structure this work efficiently, the whole process has been divided into three stages:

  • a preparatory inventory phase
  • a vulnerability assessment phase
  • a capitalization phase

This three-step process has been drawn up in order to ensure that the work with Implementation Cases and the vulnerability assessments taking place in the TAs are fully integrated and that they feed into the development of the BalticClimate ICT-Toolkit. The main outputs, which should be transferable at the local and regional level throughout the BSR, will be the legacy of the BalticClimate project. Thus, it is crucial that Project Partners test and suggest improvements for each of the main activities conducted and outputs obtained during the TA assessments.