BalticClimate Toolkit

The BalticClimate Toolkit is provided via a user-friendly website as stepwise approach and in 11 BSR languages plus English:

The aim of BalticClimate was to produce outputs that are free-of-charge, transferable and easy-to-use for local and regional authorities and actors to achieve similar results throughout the Baltic Sea Region. The BalticClimate Toolkit integrates most of these BalticClimate project outputs.

It supports the development of municipalities, regions and companies, and assists to increase their competitiveness in times of climate change. Policy makers, spatial planners and business people get enabled to deal with mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in a cooperative, integrated and sustainable way. The Toolkit compiles research results, newly developed methodology, exercises, good examples and video clips.

It bases on the BalticClimate partners’ actual assessment processes in project's seven Target Areas, their experiences with the provided materials and exercises, and their feedback after aplication and testing.

In addition to the online version the Baltic-Sea-Region-wide distribution and dissemination of an offline-version directly to the local and regional level ensured that the Toolkit is widely applied in practice and that concrete steps are taken to prepare the Baltic Sea Region to tackle the changing climate.

Project process leading to the devleopment of the BalticClimate Toolkit: